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Adab Saraae is an Urdu Literary Organization, working in Pakistan since 1987. Its main objective is to educate the new writers and new poets and to provide

them an open platform to recite their poetry and prose. The renowned poets, writers and scholars are the basic members of this organization which are

serving to promote Urdu literature worldwide.

Since its inception, Adab Saraae is conducting regular monthly literary program on second Monday of every month (after a Asar Prayer). Now, Adab Saraae

is internationally recognized Name in the world of Urdu Literature.

Senior Members of Adab Saraae are actively participating in National and International Literary Events and also teaching in various Universities and

Education Centers. The National Press of Pakistan publishes monthly activity report of Adab Saraae. Organization is also publishing a comprehensive

quarterly Magazine namely ADAB SARAAE.

Words from Chairperson

Literature is the custodian of human endeavors aspiration and ambitions along with a mirror which is held up to life. Literature is inevitably connected with

life and can never be considered an escape. It is rather a window to life and its problems. This is why Adab Saraae is holding the banner of life and literature

to save humanity of extinction because of the onslaught of materialism and selfishness of modern motives. 

Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil


Adab Saraae International

Aims & Objectives

1.      Policy lobbying and advocacy for save the Literature, culture and values.

2.      Enhance community resilience through strengthening Books & Literature friendly livelihoods

3.      Campaign for sustainable development of Urdu & local languages

4.      Strengthen institutional linkages and strengthen local networks for promoting Literatures & Urdu language.

5.      Protect, preserve, and promote Classical Literatures, culture and heritage.

6.      Work for peace through, books, literature & interfaith Harmony

7.      Lobby for the rights of writers, scholars, publisher, educationist, poets, Journalists and literatures associates.

8.      Research , Development and  Publications

9.      Skill Development & literature analysis and advisory

10.   Conduct Literarily Classes, workshops, Seminars, Mehfil Mushara, Adbi Nashist and book fairs.

11.   Promote the Urdu & folk music

12.   Promote young writers, poets and artist.

13. Introducing international literature in Urdu language

14. Adopt modern technique to preserve and promote literature

15. Initiate steps to increase book readers.

16.  Directory of writers, poets, artist and educationist

Note: The official website of Adab Saraae,
www.adabsaraae.com offers hundreds of books, publications, gazals, poems, articles, biographies and interviews about poetry and prose. This site also offers online selling and buying of books and publications for its members. Each month, the site receives hundreds of new visitors and making it one of the largest and most popular literary sites on the internet.