Adab Saraae - Events

List of national and international events conducted or participated by Adab Saraae and its members

  • Rabi-ul-Awal

  • Ramadan

  • Eid Day

  • Muharam

  • Independence Day

  • Pakistan Day

  • Defense Day

  • Quaid Day
  • Iqbal Day

  • Ghalib Day

  • Adab Saraae

  • Annual Mushaira

  • Monthly Mushaira

  • New Year Mushaira

  • Book Launching

  • Various TV Shows
  • Various Radio Programs

  • Fiction, Short Stories, Pros etc.

  • Poet Counseling Programs

  • Music Programs

  • Painting, calligraphy and related arts

  • Open Lectures Related to Culture & Civilization

  • Open Lectures Regarding Threats to Humanity

    Sponsoring Adab Saraae is a fantastic opportunity to promote your company to the dynamic and continually evolving world-wide community
    of writers, Poets, Readers, Researchers and Scholars. It is an excellent platform to provide exposure for your company. Sponsorship will give
    you the opportunity to reach local and global audience.

    Sponsorship opportunities include:

    1. Adab Saraae Magazine: (Main Page, Section Pages, Classifieds)
    2. Adab Saraae Website: (Logo, Banner, Section Pages and URL)
    3. Monthly Events: (Banners, Cookies, Contest Gifts and Lucky Draws)
    4. Special Day Events: (Banners, Cookies, Contest Gifts and Lucky Draws)

    These are just a few of the options that Adab Saraae can offer to promote your company prior to, during, and after the events.

    For more information, please contact:

    Media Advisor

    Adab Saraae Int’l
    Mobile: 0300-4102774 / 0321-4545719


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