Dr. Shahnaz Muammil

Chairperson at Adab Saraae International


Madder-e-Dabistan-e-Lahore, Naz-e-Pakistan, Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil, Chairperson, Adab Saraae international,, Distinction: only Pakistani Poetess in the world, who wrote a unique publication “Noor-e-Furqan” Manzoom Mafhoon of Quran-e-Kareem

KEY HIGHLIHTS: 1. Only Pakistani poetess in the world, who wrote a unique Publication “Noor-e-Furqan” (Manzoom Mafhoon of Quran-e-Kareem), 2. She wrote over 50 Publications including Urdu/Punjabi Poetry, Hamd-o-Naat, Mazameen, Safar Nama and Specialized editions of Five Kulyat etc. 3. Urdu/English biographies were compiled on her life; Six Specialized Portfolios were published and one documentary was also Launched. 4. She got numbers of honorary entitlements like Madder-E-Dabistan-e-Lahore and Naz-e-Pakistan. 5. Research projects executed, thesis and publications were also compiled on her literary work in many universities and colleges. 6. She got number of local and international awards, including Honorary Doctorate, Gold medals, Shields, Certificates etc. 7. She belongs to a well-practiced Muslim family with rich Educational, Literary, Social and Business background. 8. She is specialized in Library Science, also qualified in Public Service Commission Exam, she retired after serving the Government of Pakistan for a long time. 9. She is the Chairperson of Adab Saraae International since 1987, she hosted thousands of literary programs and represented Pakistan in many countries. 10. She awarded 1000s of awards under Shahnaz Muzammil Adbi Awards programs. 11. She has spent her life to support and promote love and peace in society. 12. She is the founding member of many literary and social organizations; those are committed to wide spread her message of love and peace. 13. She remained all-the-time new trend setter, she is the seasonal rain maker with capital R, and now her literary timeline is being famous as an “Ehd-e-Shahnaz”.


1. Maddar-e-Waqar-E-Pakistan from Waqar-e-Pakistan Literary Research Cloud, Pakistan

2. Maddar-e-Dabistan-e-Lahore from Bazm-e-Ghalib, Pakistan,

3. Dukhtar-e-Panjab from Al-Habib Literary Forum, Pakistan,

4. Maddar-e-Suraya Jabeen Readers Club from Dabistan-e-Khalid Nasr, Pakistan,

5. Shehwar-e-Adab from Urdu Sakhn, Pakistan

6. Khazeena-e-Adab From Dareecha-e-Adab Welfare Society Pakistan,

7. Rida-e-Adab from Lahore Adbi Forum, Pakistan,

8. Sitara-e-Adab from Rasti, Pakistan,

9. Qandeel-e-Adab from Takhiul, Pakistan

10. Ramooz-e-Adab from Aghi, United Kingdome,

11. Gohar-e-Adab from Bazm Ahl-e-Sokhan, Paris,

12. Sarmaya-e-Adab from Arxang, Japan,

13. Hareem-e-Adab from Heera Foundation, USA,

14. Naz-e-Pakistan by Marvel System Knowledge Series, Pakistan.


Her father and mother were used to arrange literary social and religious activities at home, so she was used to participate in all of these activities as encouraged by her elders. When she was in 4th class, she wrote her first English poem on the farewell of her principal and her poem was highly appreciated by a large crowd. When she was in class five, she won 1st prize on delivering best speech. She remained champion of badminton, high jump, long jump. She also remained best performer of fancy dress shows, remained leader of morning assembly and also participated in every activity of school and college including poetry, drama, games and debates.


After her F.A, she got married, her life partner always appreciated her Literary activities. She was selected as first lady announcer at Radio Pakistan Multan. Later she was blessed with two daughters. She restarted her regular education, after 10 years of her marriage and completed her graduation. In year 1984, she earned her Master’s in Library Science. After her masters, she qualified Public Service Commission Exam and joined Government Service. In year 1989, she completed her Short Course in French Language. In year 1990, she finished her Short Course in Computer Application & Management. In year 1991 she completed her D.H.M.S. In Year 1992, she received training at Netherlands in Scientific Literature & Management.


She is retired from Quaid-E-Azam Library, (12-12-05 to 9-4-08), where she worked as a Program Organizer. She worked with Archives Wing – S & GAD, Lahore (9-2-2004 to 23-2-05), as an Assistant Director (Library). She worked with Quaid-e-Azam Library, (2001 to 2003), as a Program Officer / Incharge Public Service and Reference Section. She worked with 4. CRDC, Kharian (1998-2000), as a Research Associate. She worked at Govt. Model Town Library, Lahore, (1986 to1998), as Library Manager / Incharge. She worked at Government Islamia College for Women, Cooper Road, Lahore (1984-1986), as a Librarian.


PUBLICATIONS (50), 01. Payam-Nou, 02. Jurrat-e-Izhar, 03. Jazab-e-Harof, 04. Namaz Bachoon Kay Liye, 05. Libraririon Ka Shaher Lahore, 06. Farogh e Mutalia Kay Bunyadi Kirdar, 07. Akas-e-Dewar Pay Tasveer, 08. Mom Kay Saiban, 09. Maray Khawab Adhooray Hayn, 10. Jadah-e-Irfan, 11. Ishq Tamasha, 12. Qarz-e-Wafa, 13. Noor-e-Kul, 14. Ishq Da Deva, 15. Baad Teray, 16. Dosti Ka Safar, 17. Khilti Kalian Mehkay Phool, 18. Ishq Samandar, 19. Akas e khyal, 20. Reflections of Thought, 21. Ten Poets of Today, 22. Ebtidaiay Ishq, 23. Ishq-e-Musafat, 24. Ishq-e-Musalasal, 25. Safer e Ishq, 26. Ishq-e-Muzammil, 27. Muntiha-e-Ishq [Kulyat e Ghazl], 28. Nida-e-Ishq [Kulyat -e-Nazm], 29. Sana-e-Ishq, 30. Ramz-e-Ishq, 31. Mata-e-Ishq, 32. Intiha-e-Ishq [Kulyat-e-Hamd-o-Naat], 33. Talash-e-Haq, 34. Talash-e-Noor, 35. Talash-e-Kashaf, 36. Talash-e-Zaat, 37. Talash-e-Jazab, 38. Talash-e-Shifa, 39. Talash-e-Marfaat, 40. Talash-e-Sabar-o-Raza, 41. Talash-e-Baseerat, 42. Talash-e-Aghi, 43. Talash-e-Namu 44. Noor-e-Furqan [Manzoom Mafhoon of Quran-e-Kareem], 45. Biography of Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil, 46. Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil Kay Muntakhib Ashaar 1, 47. Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil Kay Muntakhib Ashaar 2, 48. Best Life Notes by Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil, 49. Ehad-e-Shahnaz [Mazameen], 50. Adab Saraae Portfolios, 6 Publications. Important E-books are available on her websites.


including (But not limited to)

1. Dr. Razia Ismail,

2. Dr. Haneef Tareen,

3. Nisar Akbar Abadi,

4. Ahsan Ullah Saqib,

5. Dr. Muhammad Rafiq,

6. Saqiba Rahim-ud-Din,

7. Ghaffar Babar,

8. Sheeba Teraz,

9. Assnat Kanwal,

10. Shireen Gul-e-Rana,

11. Rehana Ashraf,

12. Ampul Qayyum,

13. Ammanwail Nazir Mani,

14. Ashraf Un Nisa,

15. Nasreen Nikhat Sabswari,

16. Nasreen Shoukat,

17. Akram Khawar,

18. Mehr Nasim,

19. Mian Waqar ul Islam,

20. Adeel Burki


1. “Shahnaz Muzammil Shakhsiat Aur Fan” by Sadaf Rani, M.A Urdu, Islamia University Bahawalpur, 2006,

2. “Shahnaz Muzammil Ka Safar Nama, Dosti Ka Safar” by Sana Khawar, M.A Urdu, Saman Abad College Lahore, 2015,

3. “Shahnaz Muzammil Ki Mazhabi Shaeri” by Muqadas Sattar, M.A Urdu, Oriental College, Punjab University Lahore, 2015,

4. “Shahnaz Muzammil Ki Adabi Khidmaat” by Hina Nauman, M.Fill Urdu, Minhaaj University Lahore, 2015,

5. “Shahnaz Muzammil Ek Adabi Tehrik” compiled by Akram Khawar in M. Phil Urdu, University of Balochistan, 2013-17,

6. Research Paper on Shahnaz Muzammil, by Kausar Syed, Urdu Academy California USA, 2015,

7. A book about me Akas-e-Khayal was compiled by Noumana Farooq,

8. 12. Thesis of MA on me by Sadaf Rani Bhawalpur University

9. Misal-e-Kulyat (Reference Book on her Poetry) by Mian Waqar ul Islam,

10. “Ehad-e-Shahnaz” (Reference Publication on Her Literary Contribution) by Mian Waqar ul Islam


ADAB SARAAE INTERNATIONAL | Founder and Chairperson

Adab Saraae International is an Urdu Literary Organization, working in Pakistan since 1987. Its main objective is to educate the new writers and new poets and to provide them an open platform to recite their poetry and prose. The renowned poets, writers and scholars are the basic members of this organization which are serving to promote Urdu literature worldwide. Since its inception, Adab Saraae International is conducting regular monthly literary program. Now, Adab Saraae International is internationally recognized Name in the world of Urdu Literature. Senior Members of Adab Saraae International are actively participating in National and International Literary Events and also teaching in various Universities and Education Centers.


WAQAR E PAKISTAN | Literary Research Cloud | Founder

Waqar e Pakistan Literary Research Cloud is the only platform of its kind on which Marvel System, Adab Saraae International and SocioOn have been working from past two decades. The main objective of Waqar e Pakistan Literary Research Cloud is to provide a platform for national and regional languages to be compatible with the requirements and needs of modern times, so our new generation could better socialize on regional and national levels. Those who are doing research work in any respect on national and regional languages can be encouraged and their work can not only be preserved but also reached out to as many people as possible at regional, national and inter-disciplinary levels through a strong social media platform. We believe that this modern facility will be a milestone for the development of regional and national languages and the entire country will benefit from this national asset.


MARVEL SYSTEM | Business Consultancy Network | Principal Consultant of Literature

Working in the Capacity of Principal Consultant at Marvel System. Marvel System offers wide range of business services including Company Registration, Patents & Trade Marks, Curriculum Development, Graphics Designing, Branding & Packaging, Staffing & HR Development, Marketing Research, Business Promotion, Corporate Financing, Local and Int’l Franchising Licensing Programs, Professional Training, Research & Development, Corporate Digitizing, Re-Engineering and Globalizing. Marvel System has served many different sectors including Health & Fitness, Education & Training, Banking & Finance, Corporate & Social Insurance, Art, Cultural & Heritage, Government & Defense, Social Development, Area Payphone System, Telecom Solutions and Services, Automobile Manufacturers, Solar & Wind Power, Water Turbines & Bio Energies, Real Estate Developers, Public Transportation, Cargo and Logistics, Transit, TV, Radio and Press.


SOCIOON | Urdu Social Network | COMMUNITY CHIEF AMBASSADOR | 2018 to Now

We want to create new opportunities for the upcoming generations, we have tons of ideas which can reshape the face of Pakistan and we believe that youth of Pakistan is extremely talented who has the potential to do wonders. If we put this potential to the right use then sky is the limit for our progress and I believe that someday it will happen. We want to be the part of such initiatives which will bring youth towards productivity and innovation as they are our true force right now and also, they will be our future. So how our future decades are going to turn out is totally dependent on the productivity and innovation of our youth. We have contributed in this initiative of bringing youth towards productivity. SocioOn is the first ever social and business platform that has taken the initiative of Technology for Human Development (THD). Now people can share their ideas and products on SocioOn and earn money out of it.



1. Honorary Doctorate from Royal American University,

2. Shield Awarded by Mian Amer Mahmood, District Nazim, Lahore,

3. Award Husan-e-Karkardigy,

4. Literary Award,

5. Letters of Appreciation from the Minister Education,

6. “Jang” Talent Award of Education & The Director General Public Libraries, Punjab.,

7. Best Urdu Poetess Award,

8. Salma Tassadiq Award for Versatile Lady of the Town,

8. Salma Tassadiq Award for Versatile Lady of the Town,

9. Gold Medal for Best Librarian by PLA, Punjab,

10. Gold Medal by Khawaja Fareed Sanget, ,

11. Recipient 2019-20 from Hera Foundation (USA), 2. Recipient 2019-20 from GVFCIGO International (USA),

12. Recipient 2018-19 from Ecocare Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd.

13. Recipient 2019-20 From “SOCIOON.COM” Pakistan’s 1st Social Media and Business Network,

14. Recipient 2018-19 From Best Life Notes Publication Series,

15. Recipient 2018-19 From Waqar-e-Sukhan Publication Series,

16. Recipient 2019-20 From Marvel System Knowledge Series



1. Research & Performance (Shield),

2. Life Time Achievement (Shield),

3. International Scholars (Shield),

4. Late & Present Legends (Shield),

5. Founders & Pioneers (Shield),

6. Host Organizations (Certificate, Medal, Shield),

7. Literary Organizations (Certificate),

8. Reporters & Journalists (Medal),

9. Youth of Remote Areas (Certificate, Shield)